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NetVision 2020 software was developed to link multiple brands of fire alarm systems to a single workstation, giving key personnel the information they need to make timely, informed decisions. Fire Safety, On-Site Security Systems.. [Read More]

Can I use a PBX phone line for a DACT connection?

Can I use a PBX phone line for a DACT connection to the fire department?

With the impending discontinuation of the hard copper (POTS) phone lines, and in fact many municipalities already no longer have hard copper pairs from end user to the fire department dispatch center, is it a violation of NFPA 72 if the DACT connections to the fire department use PBX phone lines? Some fire alarm system [Read More]

What is elevator recall? When is it required? When should it be integrated with a fire alarm system? How is that accomplished? These are a few of the many questions both elevator and electrical contractors have when elevator work is performed.... [Read More]