Update Regarding UL 2196 Listed Cables


Circuit integrity durasystems test

Circuit Integrity Durasystems Test


UPDATE!!!!  There are additional cables that are listed under the FHIT portion of UL 2196.  We’ve reviewed all the products listed under this category and are not advocating any particular cable, but from a life safety system installation perspective, the most interesting cable that we’ve seen involves a two conductor, 14 or 16 gauge, solid or stranded, non-shielded cable with an outer ceramifiable, silicon rubber insulation.  Ceramifiable refers to the ability of  the outer insulation to transform into a fireproof ceramic during exposure to fire, thereby maintaining its two hour rating.  This cable is listed under UL category FHJR.R21213, but is not listed to be run exposed.  To be considered 2 hour survivable, it must be installed as part of System 28A in the FHIT UL listing.  This system utilizes 3/4″ EMT and the cable has a nominal outer diameter of .292″, so it’s like installing circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) cable.  This is not brand new technology, as the Australian company Olex introduced this product in 2008, but it was just UL listed on February 21, 2014.  Cost:…..that’s another matter, but we’ll bet it beats building a soffit, a separate two hour enclosure or encasing it in concrete.  However, FHIT System 1850 MI cable does not need a raceway, has a nominal outer diameter of .246″ and offers a shielded version (.364″ OD), so check out your options and requirements before committing. Cost wise, we’re not sure how ceramifiable cable compares to MI cable,  but we’ll find out and let you know.

In the meantime, be sure to use Gamewell- FCI by Honeywell life safety products in all your life safety projects.  State of the art technology, top of the line functionality and expert application guidance will ensure your project’s success.  Utilize our ‘Contact Us’ page, call us directly at 630.434.7900 or email us at generowe@affiliatedinc.com.

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