New Carbon Monoxide Requirements

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Starting January 1, 2016 the State of Illinois will require carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in schools which fall under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Board of Education.  Public Act 099-0470 inserts language to 105 ILCS 5/10 that adds the requirement for school boards of education to ensure each school has proper CO detection in each of their schools.  The City of Chicago is included, though its requirement is found in 105 ILCS 5/34.  The requirements include placement of a CO detector within 20′ of a device that could potentially emit CO.  These include fossil fuel burning appliances, fireplaces, space heaters, etc.  Additionally, an action plan must be submitted to the school’s board of education.

Some of the particulars regarding this new legislation include:

  • An allowance for schools designed before 1/1/16 to use battery operated detectors
  • Schools designed after the effective date must be powered by building wiring or on a CO detection system.  These devices must be monitored by the school’s fire alarm system.
  • Fire alarm system CO detection devices can be used
  • No CO detectors are required if the school has no source of CO or is not close to a source of CO.

The Gamewell-FCI MCS-COF combination smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector is a perfect solution for this new requirement.  It provides dual protection with a single footprint, while using low voltage data wiring.  An existing smoke detector in the area could be replaced with this combination device, making compliance easy and less costly.  Each sensor can be programmed for completely different reporting and outputs.  When used with a sounder base, the CO portion of detector can be programmed as a locally reporting, self-restoring sensor the acts and sounds like a battery operated CO detector, while alerting key school personnel of the activation.  The smoke sensor portion can be programmed to summon the fire department and evacuate the building.  Feel free to contact us about this and other Gamewell-FCI products.

About Gene Rowe

Gene Rowe serves as the Director of Business Development for Affiliated Customer Service. He brings twenty three years of fire alarm and emergency voice systems experience to the table with both an operational and marketing viewpoint. A US Army veteran, NICET certified, an executive board member of the IL-AFAA and a member of the NFPA, he began his career establishing operational expertise as a technician, developed graphic skills with CAD design as a general engineer, gained a ‘big picture’ mindset by moving to project management and finally a marketing perspective directing business development efforts. By interfacing with a broad range of diverse organizations such as the AFAA, CAA, AIA, CEA and the IFIA, he combines concerns of the owner, designer of record, contractor, distributor and approving authority to bring a unique perspective to Affiliated.

An avid marathon runner, he resides in west suburban Chicago with his wife and two sons. He's served the community as a Cub Scout Leader, as well as coaching multiple levels of travel and park district basketball and baseball teams. Professionally, he serves as the Treasurer and is on the Board of Directors for the Illinois chapter of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (IL-AFAA).

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