Multi- Residential

As the owner or manager of a condominium or apartment complex, you juggle many responsibilities to your tenants.  Occupancy rates and condo values depend on your tenants’ sense of comfort and security.  One of the most important responsibilities is protection from fire.  Testing your fire alarm system for proper operation is not only a municipal requirement, it’s also a great way to illustrate to prospective tenants that you value their personal safety, not only in word, but in deed.  This is especially true if your facility is a high rise in Chicago, as a new ordinance requires lease documents to show the building’s life safety compliance status.

The real solution to ensuring your system is in proper operation is finding a responsive, competent company with competitive prices.  At Affiliated, we have thirty years of experience with all manufacturers and employ NICET certified inspectors and technicians.  Focusing on the Chicagoland area also helps us keep your costs to a minimum.  You shouldn’t have to help pay for costs incurred in other markets.  Response time is equally important.  You can’t wait for days when life safety is at stake, so we also match word to deed.  Affiliated’s policy for contract customers is same day service for calls placed before noon. We have 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We take your tenants’ life safety as seriously as you.  Let us show you what a difference a dedicated, competent fire alarm service company can make for your facility.  Contact Affiliated today to arrange a quotation from one of our system consultants!