There may be no other business that relies on early warning of fire more than the hotel industry.  Not only does it rely on early detection of actual fires, it also relies on false alarm prevention.  Steam from showers, ballroom simulated smoke and inadvertent guest actions can interrupt booked gatherings and cause very unhappy guests as they unnecessarily evacuate the hotel.  Refund and compensation requests are sure to follow.  You’ve got a business to run and that’s where Affiliated’s experience can be put to your advantage.  Our programming knowledge can find the right combination of alarm verification: from the correct detector to programmed sensitivities to delayed evacuation signal activation, we have the knowledge and experience to customize your hotel life safety system.

Testing your system to ensure its proper operation as non-intrusively as possible is also important.  Rather than just sounding the alarms when testing the system, scheduling sound tests and performing them as efficiently as possible is the extra value you get from Affiliated’s test and inspection team.  Discover what many Chicago area hotels, big and small, have discovered.  Great service, great pricing, experienced and caring personnel and same day service set Affiliated apart from the competition.  Contact us today to have a sales representative provide a quotation on servicing and testing your hotel alarm system!