Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Installation and servicing of life safety systems in hospitals is a specialty of ours. Like the life safety industry, the operation of hospitals, long term care facilities and other healthcare businesses is closely scrutinized and is subject to regulations from various agencies. Between the local government requirements, the Illinois Department of Public Health, CMS and The Joint Commission there are many requirements for system testing and documentation. Since Affiliated is focused on life systems, we have developed an acute sense of how regulatory agencies operate and how to address their concerns. We know which forms to use, what information goes on them and just as importantly, make them readable so a reviewer can get to and understand the information they are looking for.

We’ve installed, tested and serviced many hospitals in the Chicago area for nearly thirty years. Find out why so many use Affiliated and what a difference attention to detail can mean for your facility by contacting a member of our sales staff today!

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