Emergency Lighting & Master Clocks

Affiliated is your source for testing and servicing the emergency lighting system in your facility. Every municipality has a code requirement for emergency lighting in public spaces. Most use NFPA 101 Life Safety Code or the International Fire Code (IFC) as a standard and require documented annual testing. For non-residential occupancies, OSHA enforces NFPA 101-2009 or the IFC – 2009. NFPA 101-2009 requirements for emergency lighting show that illumination must be provided for a minimum of 1.5 hours in the event of failure of normal lighting and the emergency lighting system must be arranged to provide illumination automatically in the event of any interruption of normal lighting (NFPA 101-2009 At Affiliated, our dedication to ensuring the proper operation of your life safety systems includes your emergency lighting. We ensure it will work when needed and that it meets local code requirements. Many times we can test emergency lighting as we test your other life safety systems, eliminating additional workplace disruptions. We service Cooper, Sure-Lites, Dual-lite, Lithonia and other manufacturers.

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Master Clocks & Intercoms

We service Master Clocks and Intercom Systems and we provide equipment from Midwest Time Control, Lathem Time Corporation, Kennyco Industries and Teradon Industries, Inc.

Teradon Industries, Inc. has developed the first of its kind Computer Controlled IP Intercom system. Incorporating easy- to-use software with state-of-the-art communication hardware, Teradon gives you the communication equipment you need for your school or district -quickly and easily. The user-friendly software gives you direct access to the intercom systems. You can change the bell tones, bell schedules, set the date and time or ring bells on demand. Teracom, developed for reliability, scalability and simplicity of use in both hardware and software.