Are fire alarm notification devices required in all areas of a hospital?

As hospitals upgrade their existing life safety systems to include newer technology, designers of record may not be sure of where notification devices should be placed, given the need for quiet areas in a hospital.  Since this is a non-evacuation occupancy, private mode signaling can be used for fire alarm announcements, as allowed by NFPA [Read More]

Do single station smoke alarms have low frequency sounders?

NFPA 72 now requires a 520 hz square wave fire alarm signal in smoke detector sounder bases provided for publicly available sleeping areas.  The 520 hz tone has been shown as more effective in waking people of a certain age (ahem), deep sleepers or those that may have had a few too many the night [Read More]

Are Fire Alarm Strobes Required in the City of Chicago?

The Chicago Building Code (CBC) defines which buildings are required to have fire alarm systems and is specific about how these systems are to be put together.  What comes to a surprise to those that design and/or install these systems is, among other things, what is included and not included regarding notification of an alarm [Read More]

Combining an Existing PA System with a Fire Alarm Voice System

  In our last post, we discussed how more campus administrators are combining fire alarm notification and general paging functions by using the fire alarm system for both.  This is being applied to new installations.  In this post we’ll explore whether integrating an existing PA system with a fire alarm voice system is a viable solution [Read More]

Can I Use Fire Alarm Speakers For General Paging?

The trend in providing today’s building services such as fire alarm and overhead paging is to install them on a common system.  Not only does it simplify interaction with these systems since the end user uses one control unit, but it saves money by not having to install and maintain two separate voice systems.  Whether or not you [Read More]