Does a sprinkler in a LULA elevator pit mandate elevator recall?

I get this question on occasion when there is confusion over the relationship between elevators and sprinklers.  The short answer is probably not.  The base requirement of ASME 17.1 (2007) Sec., which calls for fireman’s service if a sprinkler head is in the hoistway, is exempted for electric Limited Use/Limited Access (LULA) elevators by [Read More]

Can Elevators Still Be Used During a Fire Alarm?

We’ve all seen the signage in elevator lobbies to use the stairs in event of fire.  Some signs even say the elevators are out of service in event of fire, but that’s not always true.  People may become unsure of what to do when they see an elevator door open on the 30th floor during a fire [Read More]

Elevator Recall Integration with Fire Alarm Systems

What is elevator recall? When is it required? When should it be integrated with a fire alarm system? How is that accomplished? These are a few of the many questions both elevator and electrical contractors have when elevator work is performed. With the constantly changing technologies and capabilities of elevator control and fire alarm systems, [Read More]

Does a Renovation Project Change Elevator Recall Requirements?

We frequently get questions about whether an office buildout/renovation changes the existing elevator recall sequence or mandates it if there is no recall.  The simple answer is that if the elevator equipment is not substantially altered after its installation, the requirements applicable at the time of installation remain in force.  Whether or not the space [Read More]

If an elevator lobby detector activates, can I selectively exclude that lobby and have the cars still run?

Generally, an elevator’s FEO doesn’t allow the cabs to run once activated, so a selective application usually isn’t an option. I say usually because hospitals employ a Code Blue elevator control system to override the elevator FEO in life saving situations. That’s an extra cost on a more robust elevator controller and obviously doesn’t apply [Read More]

Simultaneous Elevator Recall Activation

I recently received a good question through the comment section regarding one of our elevator recall blogs. The question was: Is it proper to use one addressable fire input into an elevator recall point then parallel out of this point into another separate elevator controller recall input? A: If separate controllers handle cars in the [Read More]

Elevator Recall Activation

I recently had a question asked about whether two smoke detectors are required to activate simultaneously in a single elevator lobby in order for cab recall to be initiated.  The answer is there is no current national code that requires two detectors to activate before recall occurs.  The two detector activation is what we call ‘cross zoning’, and [Read More]

Elevator Code Compliance

When providing a scope of work for incorporation an existing elevator bank with an existing fire alarm system, which you may need to do within the next year to keep complaint with the current Chicago elevator code, first ensure the elevator’s emergency operation can be controlled automatically. Chicago adopted ASME 17.3 – 2005 with variations [Read More]